Attila West Project

The Attila West Project is located 130km east-northeast of Laverton and approximately 2km west of the 1Moz Attila Trend gold resource.  The Project comprises one tenement with an overall area of 12km2. The Project includes areas of the Yamarna Shear and the western and central structural zones in the footwall of the Yamarna Shear Zone.  The western and central structural zones of the Yamarna Shear zone are folded around a large “syntectonic” domal magnetic granite intrusion which dominates the central Project area. Zones of low magnetic response on the northern and southern margins of the domal granite possibly reflect areas of alteration. Several east-west faults evident from aeromagnetic data have a spatial association with high grade gold mineralisation on the Attila-Alaric-Khan North mineralisation trend.

This project has a favourable structural setting arising from the interaction between a large domal granite intrusion and the central and western footwall zones of the Yamarna Shear Zone, in close proximity to known significant gold mineralisation. There is granite-associated mineralisation potential similar to that at the Boddington, Sons of Gwalia and Ghost Crab gold deposits. Multiple structural targets identified from new government aeromagnetic data and mapping suggest several potential sites for gold mineralisation.

In mid-2012, a detailed +14,000 line km aeromagnetic/radiometric survey was flown to provide baseline data for structural analysis and a native title heritage survey was completed to facilitate first phase exploration.  Wide-spaced reconnaissance aircore drilling was completed in the southern part of the Project to assess bedrock lithology and alteration patterns. The drilling confirmed generally thin Permian cover with localised areas of thicker cover possibly related to palaeochannels.  The drilling was followed by a multi-element reconnaissance auger soil program, comprising 1,375 samples on a 1,600m x 400m pattern.

The soil program successfully identified a series of large, coherent gold-in-soil anomalies which are associated with elevated gold pathfinder elements, including molybdenum, arsenic, bismuth and silver, which enhance their prospectivity.

Aircore drilling was completed in two areas in April 2014 to assess the gold-in-soil anomalies.  Drilling of the northern anomaly did not encounter any significant bedrock anomalism (and this area was subsequently surrendered).  In the remaining area of the Project, moderate anomalism in a wide range of gold pathfinder elements in end-of-hole samples under 15m-25m of Permian cover was identified, including gold (maximum 0.14g/t), arsenic, bismuth, molybdenum, antimony, selenium and tellurium.  The results indicate potential for an alteration system extending south along the Yamarna Shear into the northern extension of the Dexter Gold Project.  Assessment of the results is ongoing.

Attila West Project

Interpreted Geology (previous tenement boundaries)