Breaker Resources NL was incorporated in 2010 to pursue new opportunities for gold discovery in the emerging Yamarna and Burtville Terranes, located in the eastern part of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Western Australia.

The Eastern Goldfields Superterrane ("EGST") is one of the most gold-endowed regions in the world. Despite this, the eastern part of this province is largely unexplored and several recent developments indicate that gold mineralisation in the Yamarna and Burtville Terranes may be more widespread than currently known. These developments include new gold discoveries, data from a five-year government program of mapping, geochronology and geophysical surveys and extensive research over an eight year period that has led to a new understanding of gold systems in the EGST.

In October 2010, new government data was published that indicates that the greenstone belts in the newly-identified Yamarna Terrane are similar in age and character to those in the gold-rich Kalgoorlie Terrane. The new data also indicates that the Burtville Terrane has many similarities with the Youanmi Terrane which hosts the Murchison and Southern Cross gold districts. In addition, the Yamarna Shear Zone was extended to the northern and southern margins of the Yilgarn Craton and was identified as a major, crustal-scale fault separating the Yamarna and Burtville Terranes.

Breaker Resources NL ("Breaker") moved quickly in response to the new data and research findings and in November 2010 successfully applied for a large number of tenements, targeting underexplored major faults located adjacent to regional anticlines, greenstone belts, and fault bends—where gold deposits are most common, based on spatial analysis studies and research completed in more intensively explored parts of the EGST.  The Company is a large tenement holder in the EGST with a 100% interest in three exploration Projects, with an overall area of approximately 1,364km2. The size of Breaker’s tenement holdings and the dearth of historical exploration are unusual for the Eastern Goldfields region and present a rare opportunity to find gold in a largely unexplored part of a world-class gold province.

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